The Effectiveness of Teaching English with Makey Makey in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder


Aslan Aydogan1, Senay Kocakoyun Aydogan2*


1PhD Candidate, Istanbul Gedik University, Turkey, aslan.aydogan@gedik.edu.tr

2PhD Candidate, Istanbul Gedik University, Turkey, senay.aydogan@gedik.edu.tr

*Corresponding Author



In this study, activities programmed with Scratch Program prepared with Makey Makey were prepared. Makey Makey is a new technology that enables the creation of various sounds by coding the keys on the device after connection to the computer via USB. It is aimed that the practitioners produce different products, both in terms of electrical conductivity and in line with their own needs.  It is potentially exciting for students and practitioners because it meets the requirements of easy operation and low cost. In the embedded teaching method, which is made by reducing the clue gradually, the effectiveness of teaching English to children with autism spectrum disorder was investigated. In the study, the multiple - polling model was used for single-subject research models. The persistence of learning was controlled by monitoring sessions at the 1st, 2nd, and 4th weeks after training was completed, and the generalization effect of the research was examined as pre-test and post-test. Collective and daily polling, teaching, monitoring, and generalization sessions were organized during the research process. All sessions were conducted as one-to-one instruction. In the research, inter-observer reliability and application reliability data were collected. The findings of the study reveal that embedded teaching with the gradual reduction of the clue in the activities programmed with the Scratch Program prepared with Makey Makey is effective in teaching English concepts to children with autism who need special education. It also shows whether persistence can be maintained through monitoring sessions after the teaching sessions and that generalization sessions are effective in generalizing what is learned to different people, tools, and environments.

Keywords: Autism, embedded teaching, English teaching, Makey Makey, special education.


DOI: https://doi.org/10.18768/ijaedu.616018

IJAEDU International e-Journal of Advances in Education, Peer-reviewed international Academic Journal, ISSN: 2411-1821

Vol. VI, ISSUE:16; April 2020

Publication date: 30.04.2020