Yıl 2017, Cilt 3, Sayı 7, Sayfalar 100 - 126 2017-04-30


Karima Hussein [1] , Madeha Faiz Rana [2]

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Mobile devices are playing an important role these days in education. Using mobile devices as an effective tool to promote learning could bring a prominent change. Mobile Learning is usually considered as the new tool in the education field for assisting teachers and students as it has expanded the options for the distance learning. Several studies have made attempts to assess the possible methods and the challenges related to the M-learning. This study investigates the effectiveness of M-learning for the undergraduate students in education, explores M-learning as a feedback tool and communication, and evaluates the current use of E-Learning system. For the purpose of data collection, recent researches related to using mobile technologies in learning were reviewed. Also, a survey was conducted using the five-point Likert scale, and the sample involved students and teachers, both belonging to Dar Al-Hekma University, KSA, so that the views of students and teachers can be determined. This study focuses on using mobiles as the feedback tool for students belonging to the creative field especially after the last day of classes, while they are in printing houses and photo shooting. The survey discusses the acceptance of M-Learning as a useful tool that facilitates the learning activities among the students more quickly. Moreover, using mobile learning may increase the learning capabilities of the students and meet the expectations of teachers. The study has shown that using the mobile phone as a feedback tool can allow enhancing the learning among students when they are off campus. It is recommended that Dar Al-Hekma University should take the services of experts to develop the mobile phone application and then provide access to the teachers and the students for ensuring the provision of the quality of education. However, this would need some time and financial resources for the implementation.
M-Learning, Higher Education, Feedback
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Yazar: Karima Hussein
Ülke: Saudi Arabia

Yazar: Madeha Faiz Rana
Ülke: Saudi Arabia

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