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The Objective of the current study is to investigate effectiveness of using a new strategy which is founded by the researcher and had been called (Lego Building Technique), proposed strategy appropriates for practical fashion courses such as: hand embroidery, machine embroidery, fabrics dyeing, fabrics printing and painting, textile structure and design, hand weaving, hand crochet and tricot and all hand crafts courses. The proposed strategy (Lego Building Technique) had been launched through the experience of teaching hand Embroidery course for Nizwa University students- Fashion Design Program Autumn term/2020. The final project of the course –after teaching and learning hand embroidery stitches- was focusing on the goal of the fashion program which is represented in enhancing the creativity skills of designing fashion, the researcher/ course professor proposed a project of embroidering some cut motifs of felt material, then gather embroidered motifs on a foam mannequin in many designs, selecting the best design or structure, finally attach the embroidered felt motifs together for forming the selected structure by the student/designer producing a unique fashion piece. Thus the project which represents the new proposed strategy (Lego Building Technique) achieved three main goals, first: verification of accessing embroidering skills for the students, second: enhancing creativity thinking skills for the students as fashion designers, third: enhancing the employing of the accessed skills in creating unparalleled fashion. The results -executed designs- of the experience had been evaluated through a rating scale and the proposed strategy had been evaluated through a questionnaire. From this point the proposed strategy can be generalized in many other practical courses. The researcher used descriptive and experiment methodologies for the procedures and accessing the statistic results of the study. The study recommends adopting the proposed strategy in teaching practical courses in Fashion Design Programs.
Lego Building Technique, fashion design program, practical fashion courses, hand embroidery, embroidered felt motifs, motifs forming, innovative fashion
  • Ammayappan, L. Moses, J. Shumugam, V. (2006). An Overview of the production of Nonwoven Fabric from Woolen Materials. Textile Research Journal, Vol 67, no8, PP 616: 618.
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Yazar: Rehab Ragab MAHMOUD HASSAAN (Sorumlu Yazar)
Kurum: University of Nizwa
Ülke: Oman


Başvuru Tarihi : 6 Eylül 2020
Kabul Tarihi : 30 Aralık 2020
Yayımlanma Tarihi : 10 Ocak 2021

EndNote %0 International E-Journal of Advances in Education (MOSAIC MOTIFS STRUCTURE): A PROPOSED STRATEGY IN TEACHING FASHION DESIGN PRACTICAL COURSES %A Rehab Ragab Mahmoud Hassaan %T (MOSAIC MOTIFS STRUCTURE): A PROPOSED STRATEGY IN TEACHING FASHION DESIGN PRACTICAL COURSES %D 2021 %J IJAEDU- International E-Journal of Advances in Education %P 2411-1821-2411-1821 %V 6 %N 18 %R doi: 10.18768/ijaedu.819382 %U 10.18768/ijaedu.819382