Year 2018, Volume 4 , Issue 12, Pages 318 - 324 2018-12-28


Savankova M.V [1] , Dobayev K.D. [2]

The given article deals with the formation of a multilingual personality in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the light of the implementation of the trilingual programme of school education adopted in Kazakhstan. According to this programme special attention is paid to the study of languages, namely Kazakh, Russian and English. The formation of the personality of the intermediator of intercultural communication is defined as the final goal of foreign language education and the emphasis is paid to the development of such skills of students as self-evaluation, motivation and self-monitoring. The authors of the article propose the use of the Language Portfolio as means of promoting both multilingual education and self-regulated language learning. Moreover, while working with portfolio students develop their ability to realize the adequate self-esteem on the basis of so-called ‘co-evaluation’.   In Kazakh University of International Relations and World Languages named after Ablai khan, there has been developed and tested the domestic model of the Language Portfolio, created on the basis of European Language Portfolio and Common European Framework of References.  The article contains samples of parts of the Portfolio (Language Passport, Language Biography and Dossier) developed in Kazakhstan as a tool to organize independent work of students and promote multilingual education. We believe that the inclusion of Portfolio in the process of teaching foreign languages ​​will give it a systematic character, because in the process of working with the Portfolio, the teacher and the student work together to improve the level of language proficiency, which will allow to eliminate the gaps in "teaching" and "learning", realizing the principle of continuity in teaching foreign (and native) languages, increasing motivation and the students' conscious attitude to learning foreign languages, which undoubtedly will  improve  the quality of a multilingual education.

multilingualism, Language Portfolio, language personality, intermediator of intercultural communication, intercultural-communicative competence, self-assessment, self-evaluation, independent work of students, co-evaluation
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Author: Savankova M.V
Country: Kazakhstan

Author: Dobayev K.D.
Country: Kyrgyzstan


Publication Date : December 28, 2018

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