Year 2017, Volume 3 , Issue 8, Pages 284 - 288 2017-08-31


Anastasia V. FAKHRUTDİNOVA [1] , Ramil R. KHAYRUTDİNOV [2] , Eugenia V. GUTMAN [3]

The appeal to the security theme as a global human value determine of an increase in the intensity of the information traffic, a strong socio-economic pressure, adversely affecting the physical, mental and social health. One of the important factors of social progress is the readiness of the public and individual consciousness to change, to participate in live-changing move and to accept the new as a value. The paper examines the role of social-pedagogical support in the development of a future specialist and in a personal safety in modernizing the education system. Personality is considered as an active subject, capable of reform activities in various fields, which is possible if the person feels the vital interest security. Education modernization and internationalization affect, above all, the higher professional school, universities, the social and professional development of the future competent specialist. The student, his interests, needs and desires, his personal potential development aimed at the life development perspective and change, become the main educational guideline in the pedagogical work. All this requires new approaches to solving students’ socialization problems, the renewal of theoretical views and practical actions for the social education of the younger generation in universities, calls for the creation of a guaranteed system of students’ social and pedagogical protection and support. To the greatest extent this direction can be realized within the framework of university purposeful educational process, which is based on the ideas of the student subjectivity developing, self-organization on the basis of active inclusion in personal-environment interaction and socializing activity. One of the educational and social-professional formation benchmarks of the specialist in universities becomes a student-centered approach aimed at the personal potential development, and a system of student social and pedagogical protection and support. The means of implementation is a social-pedagogical support technology, its stages and directions are presented. The system of social and pedagogical protection and support is aimed at the recognition of priority students' personal safety in relation to other components of the teaching and educational process and to organize the educational institution safety. Some aspects of European experience with the social services in universities are shown. The paper notes can be useful for counselors and university faculty.

education, student, university, social-pedagogical support, social-pedagogical support technology, professional development, social service
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Author: Anastasia V. FAKHRUTDİNOVA
Country: Russian Federation

Country: Russian Federation

Author: Eugenia V. GUTMAN
Country: Russian Federation


Publication Date : August 31, 2017

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Anastasia V. FAKHRUTDİNOVA [1]
Eugenia V. GUTMAN [3]