Year 2017, Volume 3 , Issue 8, Pages 356 - 362 2017-08-31


Vikas Rao NAİDU [1] , Baldev SİNGH [2] , Raza HASAN [3] , Ghaniya AL HADRAMİ [4]

Higher education sector has always been incorporating changes pertaining to technology in order to provide better teaching and learning environment to the stakeholders, including students and faculty members. A smart classroom is the one, which is equipped with latest tools and technologies that are based on the internet. Various web-based tools are also being used to enhance teaching and learning experience. To provide appropriate content to the students, based on their level of understanding, learning analytics could be helpful. Students would be provided with the content, based on assessments and tests, the result of which could analyze the area of improvement suggested for them. In this way, faculty can ensure that learning is taking place at each level in the classroom. This research paper highlights such environment which provides a strong base for learning analytics for enhanced learning environment in higher education.

Dashboard, Educational Data Mining, E-learning, Enhanced teaching and learning practices, Interactive educational tools, Learning analytics, Multimedia in education, Smart Classroom, Technology-enhanced learning
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Author: Vikas Rao NAİDU
Country: Oman

Author: Baldev SİNGH
Country: India

Author: Raza HASAN
Country: Oman

Author: Ghaniya AL HADRAMİ
Country: Oman


Publication Date : August 31, 2017

EndNote %0 International E-Journal of Advances in Education LEARNING ANALYTICS FOR SMART CLASSROOMS IN HIGHER EDUCATION %A Vikas Rao Nai̇du , Baldev Si̇ngh , Raza Hasan , Ghaniya Al Hadrami̇ %T LEARNING ANALYTICS FOR SMART CLASSROOMS IN HIGHER EDUCATION %D 2017 %J IJAEDU- International E-Journal of Advances in Education %P 2411-1821-2411-1821 %V 3 %N 8 %R doi: 10.18768/ijaedu.338514 %U 10.18768/ijaedu.338514

Authors of the Article
Vikas Rao NAİDU [1]
Baldev SİNGH [2]
Raza HASAN [3]
Ghaniya AL HADRAMİ [4]