Yıl 2017, Cilt 3 , Sayı 9, Sayfalar 544 - 548 2017-12-27


Madona GİORGDZE [1] , Marine DGEBUADZE [2]

Georgian educational system has gone through the traditional methods of teaching. One of the main forms of teaching in high school was a lecture, during which the lecturer was a transmitter and the student was a recipient of knowledge.

Integration with modern Euro-Atlantic educational space requires modernization of existing learning methods and the introduction of modern activities in the process of learning that will facilitate the establishment of an active, independent and free person with critical thinking. Western education system became the main focus of the Georgian educational policy.

The educational strategy has been changed and its main purpose has become bringing up of free, active, informed and responsible citizens, equipped with the skills of critical thinking and loyal to the modern democratic community in order to meet the demands of present-day democratic society.

The analysis of the research results shows that interactive teaching best helps students to get maximum involvement in the lecturing process. The student is not only a passive recipient of knowledge, who is constantly in the position of the listener but is actively involved in the lecturing process and gets maximum knowledge. As a result, the information received is remembered for a longer time.

Recent studies show that interactive learning helps the learner not only to easily acquire new material but to memorize it for a longer period of time.

The article does not attempt to contrast interactive and traditional methods but rather to highlight advantages of the interactive method and underline its effectiveness to activate creative thinking, analytic and argumentation skills in students.

Interactive Teaching, traditional methods, teacher’s role
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Yazar: Madona GİORGDZE (Sorumlu Yazar)
Ülke: Georgia

Yazar: Marine DGEBUADZE
Ülke: Georgia


Yayımlanma Tarihi : 27 Aralık 2017

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